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We can perform wood fence restoration on various types of materials, including Ipe wood.

Wood fencing is very popular in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Countless residential and commercial properties feature wood fences, which complement the unique styles of these homes and businesses while serving a functional purpose. But while wood is a durable material that holds up well in this application, it can start to look stained and worn over time. Since it’s constantly exposed to the humidity and other climate conditions, it may be discolored or otherwise unappealing.

Wood Fence Restoration in Charleston, South Carolina

At Southpaw Softwash, we can perform wood fence restoration to improve the look of your fencing materials. The good news is that the material beneath the layer of grime is likely still in great shape. We’ll start by performing a soft washing service on the surface. This gentle cleaning method is ideal for use on wood because it doesn’t require a lot of water or use significant pressure. Instead of relying on force, soft washing uses proven biodegradable chemicals to break down contaminants. After cleaning the surface, the next step in our wood fence restoration process is applying a protective coating. This helps to prevent further damage from occurring to the material.

We can perform wood fence restoration on various types of materials, including Ipe wood. When tackling a restoration service, our technicians take great care to avoid damaging the wood’s original structure. Our goal is simply to restore it to its natural beauty, so we won’t use any harsh chemicals or methods when performing this process. If you have questions or would like a cost estimate for restoring your wood fence, reach out to us to learn more.