4 Reasons Why Soft Washing Is Best for Solar Panel Cleaning

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Solar power is one of the most impressive types of clean energy. But external factors like dust, dirt, pollen, and bird droppings that build up over time can have a big effect on how well solar panels work. This is where solar panel cleaning comes in, offering an effective way to make solar panels work better. Our team uses soft washing when completing solar panel cleaning.

4 Reasons Why Soft Washing Is Best for Solar Panel Cleaning

Here’s why soft washing is best for solar panel cleaning:

  1. Low-Pressure Water: Soft washing is a way to clean surfaces that uses low-pressure water and cleaning products that are safe for the environment. Unlike traditional pressure washing, which is too rough for solar panel cleaning, soft washing cleans panels thoroughly without damaging them.
  1. Increased Absorption of Sunlight: One of the main ways that soft washing improves the performance of solar panels is by helping them absorb more sunlight. When dirt and other things are on top of solar panels, sunshine can’t reach the surface as well, which means they produce less energy. By using soft washing for solar panel cleaning, more sunlight can reach the photovoltaic cells, which lets them make more power.
  1. Provides a Smooth Surface: Soft washing also helps maintain the smooth surface of solar panels, which is important for their best performance. Particles of dust and dirt can make the panels’ surfaces uneven, which makes light scatter and bounce instead of absorbing.
  1. Eco-Friendly Choice: Additionally, soft washing is an eco-friendly method of solar panel cleaning. We use biodegradable cleaning products that have little effect on the environment while still providing outstanding results.