Soft Wash the Pollen Away!

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Free Pollen Cleaning with Roof Cleaning!

When spring weather arrives, it means warmer temperatures and more sunshine. But it also means that plants, flowers, and trees start to bloom, leaving pollen all over your yard and home’s exterior. Get rid of pollen accumulating on your home this spring with the power of soft washing!

Soft Wash the Pollen Away!

For a limited time, we’ll offer free pollen cleaning when you have us clean your roof. Contact us today!

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Here’s why soft washing is a great method for removing pollen:

  • Eliminates buildup without damage
  • Provides long-lasting results
  • Helps improve curb appeal

Southpaw Softwash did an incredible job on our house – it’s a night and day difference! The service was incredible, and the care and attention to quality was apparent. Highly recommend over pressure washing!

-Juliann G.

Don’t let the pollen all over your home get out of hand this spring. To schedule roof cleaning and have us provide pollen cleaning for free, contact us today!