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We get incredible results with our soft washing solutions.

Whenever your home’s surfaces start to look a little dirty, you power wash them to remove the grime. While this gets results for a short time, the results only last a little while, and you end up power washing these same surfaces again and again, without ever getting your home’s exterior truly clean. Break the continual cycle of power washing and improve your home’s curb appeal through the power of soft washing.

AAbout Southpaw Softwash

What is soft washing? Soft washing is a beneficial alternative to pressure washing that eliminates dirt, grime, mold, fungi, moss, and other types of organic buildup at their source. This cleaning method uses an advanced system of soaps, solutions, and equipment that doesn’t rely on force to eliminate buildup from your surfaces. The results are incredible, and the best part is that they last four to six times longer than normal pressure washing.

At Southpaw Softwash, we’re a soft washing company in the Charleston, South Carolina area that gets great results for the homes and businesses we clean. We can soft wash everything from your roof to your foundation, and we guarantee you’ll love the way your property looks after we’re done.

Southpaw Softwash is Owned by Cindy and Todd Vollertsen

  • Todd – Veteran
  • Married for 30 years
  • Lived in SC for 27 years
  • Children born and raised here after leaving the Army

Our goal is to provide a level of service and cleaning above what our customers have come to expect.  We stand behind our work 100% – if you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay – period.

Authorized “In-Network” SoftWash Systems company

  • We picked SoftWash Systems for its patented chemicals, system, equipment and 30-plus years of experience.
  • Annual continued education for all employees
  • National five-year guarantee for asphalt shingle cleaning
  • SoftWash Systems is a professional organization that helps us be the local professional company you want to deal with


  • Fully trained on our system and how to protect your property while providing unmatched cleaning
  • Workman’s comp
  • $2 million liability policy
  • Background checked and certified by “The Seal”

If you’re ready to break the endless cycle of power washing, it’s time to give soft washing a try. To get a quote or to learn more about why soft washing is the way to go to get your home truly clean, get in touch with us today.