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We tailor each service to your property’s needs.

When it comes to commercial pressure washing, we use a technique called soft washing. This technique avoids the potential damage associated with traditional commercial pressure washing, offering a gentler method that effectively cleans and preserves building surfaces. Additionally, our soft washing service involves a specialized cleaning solution that works with low-pressure water, typically around 60 psi, to remove contaminants from your building’s facade. This effective method ensures that your property’s structural integrity and curb appeal are maintained without the abrasive effects of traditional commercial pressure washing.

Commercial Pressure Washing in Charleston, South Carolina

At Southpaw Softwash, we offer a comprehensive semi-annual maintenance contract for clients who want to keep their commercial properties in pristine condition. When you sign one of these contracts, you secure the best possible cleaning results for your building. Our maintenance program includes services such as washing historical buildings. We tailor each service to your property’s needs and challenges because we believe in giving clients personalized care.

Our soft washing process begins with assessing the area to be cleaned. The appropriate soft washing equipment includes a low-pressure pump, hoses, and specialized nozzles or applicators, as well as biodegradable cleaning solutions. Beyond minimizing the risk of damage, the low-pressure approach also minimizes the risk of water intrusion, making it suitable for cleaning around windows, doors, and other openings. Plus, the results are longer-lasting, as the cleaning solutions penetrate and remove contaminants from the surface rather than just blasting them off.

Our commitment to using soft washing instead of conventional commercial pressure washing stands out in the industry. We provide a service that cleans and protects your investment in the long run. Trust us to deliver unmatched results and maintain the integrity and beauty of your Charleston, South Carolina, commercial property through our specialized cleaning services.

At Southpaw Softwash, we are proud to offer a superior alternative to commercial pressure washing for customers throughout Charleston, Daniel Island, Orangeburg, Summerville, Kiawah Island, Johns Island, James Island, Isle of Palms, Mount Pleasant, and North Charleston, South Carolina.